Elegance is an attitude, it’s attention to detail, preciousness, but it’s also the study of shapes and research of materials that become protagonists without redundancy, in a perfect harmonic fusion.

TOF was born to make timeless elegance current with sweaters that wrap the body adapting to its natural movement, enhancing its shape, to portray a refined, decisive, charming man.

With TOF, knitwear rediscovers the neatness of lines and the discretion of color.  It is paired with denim and cotton trousers studied in every detail to achieve a distinctive look that’s never obvious, but always unique.

The TOF man is a man of his time, who has not forgotten the elegance of the past but has chosen to live it in the present to tell a new story: a fascinating one that lives every season as if it were the beginning of a new adventure yet to be written.